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From TCK ministry...


From 2013 to 2022, we served as the directors of the International Youth Group in San Jose, Costa Rica. We befriended many middle and high school students, taught many bible studies and youth group talked, mentored student leaders, attended many graduations, and planned and led many retreats. We learned from many of our Youth Group parents and even from many students. This was a treasured time, and we still maintain contact with different youth group students and continue as active learners in the community of MK caregivers. Wherever we go, MKs and TCKs will always have a special place in our hearts and ministry. Theological Education

In 2021 we returned to the US to recover from acute fatigue and burnout. We spent time in a strong church and near family and attended intensive counseling geared towards pastors and missionaries. During this time, Jonathan finished his work with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. After much prayer, we realized that we were not yet ready to return to Costa Rica, and we sought the Lord as to what he had for us. Going through a season of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Would we continue in missions? Would we seek a church position? We were reeling from the realization that we were not ready to return. But God was using this process to humble us and show us his next plan for us. Jonathan applied and was accepted for a Ph.D. program in Divinity at St. Andrews University in Scotland. He had found in seminary that he was skilled at academic research and exegesis and cultural analysis and practical theology. God was calling him to hone these skills and bring them back to Latin America. Our time in St. Andrews, a small and ancient town on the North Sea, will provide a place to recover fully and to be devoted to studying. In Mark 6, Jesus invited his disciples: "Come away with me. Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while." St. Andrews will be this place for us, even as Jonathan applies himself to rigorous study by the cliffs on the sea. This is the beginning of a larger vision that we are still praying about. Visit the Vision page to read more about ministry after St. Andrews. 

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