San Jose, Costa Rica

International Youth Group


ABOUT Youth Group

God is working through the International Youth Group - bringing young people to love God, love others and to love the His Word.


The International Youth Group is an English-speaking youth group of 7th-12th grade students. Most of these students are MKs (missionary kids), with quite a few Costa Rican students in attendance. We are an evangelical, interdenominational group who gather around the Scriptures. 


The International Youth Group began in the 1970s by a group of MKs who started meeting together to study the Bible and fellowship together. 

Student LEaders

Youth Group relies heavily on student leaders who commit to learning service and leadership in youth group. They are the core element of the group.



We spend time equipping students to serve their peers. God has been using the student leaders' love for Him and for other youth groupers to grow not only the student leader, but to strengthen the bond of fellowship in the group. When student leaders love and serve well, their peers begin look to up to them not only as friends, but also as examples and even mentors.

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THird Culture Kids

"A traditional Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who spends a significant part of his or her first eighteen years of life accompanying parent(s) into a country that is different from at least one parent’s passport country(ies) due to a parent’s choice of work or advanced training."

-Pollock and VanReken

While these are not IYG students, these characteristics are common among all TCKs.

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A leading reason that missionaries leave the field grows out of family issues. For most families, these issues often climax during the teen years. While a family in the US may have access to options of ministry for their kids, missionary kids have virtually nowhere to turn.

This is a sacrifice that most families accept when entering missions. Thankfully, God has provided the youth group to bring support to this group of dedicated families by loving their teens Our prayer is that this ministry can help missionary families remain on the field and prepare students and families for their transition into the next.

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Keeping in touch

We say a lot of goodbyes due to a high turnover. Our students either move to another Spanish-speaking country with their families or are headed back to the States. We make ourselves available to our students even when they're no longer in Costa Rica. Once a youth group student, always a youth group student. 

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